Dear friends, everyone's youth is a bit confused and struggling, but there is always a ray of light that guides us forward. Guangdong Meijie is honored to co-host the "Start from the heart, just move forward" roundtable talks with Guangxi Academy of Arts this year, bringing you a feast of the soul.

At the Nanhu Campus of Guangxi Academy of Arts, we gathered five guests from different life and professional backgrounds, as well as more than 70 enthusiastic students, to discuss "how to save spiritual internal friction" and "how to crack the confusion of youth". As the sponsor of the event, Guangdong Meijie not only provided the necessary financial and material support, but also committed to enabling more young people to find the direction of growth and the confirmation of self-worth through such a platform.

Everyone talked about the importance of staying optimistic, how to overcome hesitation, and how to rebuild self-worth. The experiences and insights of each guest made the atmosphere very exciting.

We at Guangdong Meijie know that supporting such activities is not only part of our social responsibility, but also a bridge for dialogue between our brand and the younger generation. By participating in and sponsoring such talks, we hope to help more young people clarify their life direction, reduce inner confusion, and make them more confident to face future challenges.

To support this journey of spiritual exploration, we offer event gifts and products, including:

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& nbsp; By participating in and sponsoring such talks, Guangdong Meijie not only We hope to help more young people clarify their life direction, and we also hope that through our products, every woman can feel confident and comfortable at any moment.

Join us and discover the many possibilities of life together! Follow Guangdong Meijie, there are more exciting activities and practical life tips waiting for you to explore in the future.

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