Hello everyone! In this vibrant season, Guangxi Academy of Arts and Guangdong Meijie have brought a creative feast that cannot be missed - the "Song of Creativity" graduation practical project exhibition. This is not only a stage for students to display their creative achievements, but also a model for companies to cooperate with the new generation of creative talents. { 0}

Themes and highlights of the exhibition

"Song of Creativity" focuses on the innovative exploration of niche brands, showcasing cutting-edge designs and products from different industries. The students' projects are not only innovative, but also closely integrated with market demand, showcasing the limitless potential and unique insights of the younger generation.

Guangdong Meijie's role and contribution

As a partner brand and sponsor, Guangdong Meijie is deeply involved in all stages of the project. We not only provide material support, but also provide a window for the students' works to be displayed through our media platform. Our exhibited products have also received extensive attention inside and outside the industry.

Participation of industry experts and leaders

This exhibition attracted the attention of many industry experts and Nanning city leaders. Their visit not only provided professional feedback for students, but also enhanced the professionalism and influence of the event. The comments and suggestions of experts are of great significance to the future career development of students.

Through the cooperation with Guangxi Art Institute, Guangdong Meijie not only demonstrates the sense of corporate social responsibility, but also strengthens the bridge with the new generation. The success of this "Creative Song" is the result of our joint efforts, and it also indicates that more such collaborations may happen in the future.

Finally, we are very grateful to every cooperative brand and friend who participated and supported this exhibition. Hope there will be more opportunities in the future to show the perfect combination of creativity and practicality, and create more possibilities together!

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